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Cairns is a one of Australia’s best known tourist destinations, and like any other towns that survive mainly on tourism, gift shops are a dime a dozen.

Not anymore. Pouch, a retail shop that sells only genuine and local products, is a breath of fresh air.



Located in the charming Lake St village, Pouch is a new hub where products made by proud local artists and retailers meet the curious eyes of tourists who desire something more than keychains made in China.
The shop is run by the lovely Keiko Murphy, former editor of Living in Cairns magazine.



Keiko’s vision is to promote the region with quality products and have the shop develop into Cairns’ retail base for cultural and a sustainable way of life.
Inside this Parisian chic and rustic shop you will find elegant giftware, quality produce and lots of original souvenirs to take home.
The best part about Pouch is you don’t need to be a tourist to shop here.



Check out the local honey and jam, the organic vanilla beans and the original homeware the next time you’re in town. There are so many treasures in this beautiful shop.



Since opening, Pouch has been introduced in the major guide books published in Japan and major tour agent's brochures.

2013 Global Trotters
(Chikyu no Arukikata)
2013 Travel Days
(Shobun-Sya Co. Ltd)
2013 Lala Chitta
(JTB Publishing)


Pouch's owner Keiko's media apperence

eng-profile-trinityFeatured as an oversea entrepreneur in Japanese lifestyle/spiritual magazine
eng-profile-guidebookCairns Family Holiday Guide, written by Keiko Murphy Published in 2011 with Kodansha is sold widely in Japan
Article in the "Cairns Life"magazineeng-profile-cairnslife2 Click here to view the article